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This is an international community for people interested in exchanging arthropod livestock. It was originally founded by Lepidoptera breeders but others are welcome too.

If you are new to this site you probably found your way here because you were looking for livestock dealers. And if you're not after just one particular species, I'd say you've come to the right place.

Get live insects for free

This is where anyone interested in breeding butterflies or other insects may get free samples of live ova. It is a free service and hopefully it will remain the only of its kind on the Internet as competition will only make it less useful.

All species come in small packs by mail to your home. All you have to do is to confirm their arrival and then it is up to you to make the best you can of what you've got.

Please, note that you will only receive insect eggs (ova) in these packages. To get fully grown insects you will need patience and some skill to care for them while they grow.

Share your broods with others

As a member you may also contribute to the community by giving away some of what you have in stock. It is fun and easy and if you have got something from someone, you might want to give something in return.

Sharing with the community will make all other sharers particularly aware of you the next time they are about to share something. Non sharers are accepted as members, though they will be labeled "leeches" after a while.

Trading resources

Even though all trades on this site will forever be free of charge, there are trading resources coming into use for more advanced members. Still, no money needs to be involved. But, as members receive packs from others, they have a way of returning credit to the sender that may in turn be used to apply for other packs.

These resources never cost anything but your action. You can't avoid them. Even without sending anything you will eventually end up with some resources on your account. The more resources you have, the greater are your chances of getting what you want.


Captive breeding of buuterflies and moths

Our members

Geographic distribution

We have registered members in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, South Africa, Brazil, Ireland, Slovakia, Australia, Romania, Russian Federation, Philippines, Slovenia, Lithuania, Austria, India, Indonesia, Malta, Israel, Mexico, Taiwan, Chile, Greece, Malaysia, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Congo Zaire, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, Estonia, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Japan, Jordan, Liberia, Macedonia, Namibia, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Svalbard and Jan Mayen and United Arab Emirates

Most recent logins

During the last 24 hours we've had members visiting from the following countries:

United States (7 members), Netherlands (3), Spain (2), Sweden (1), Portugal (1), Lithuania (1), United Kingdom (1) and Belgium (1)

17 distinct users in 24 hours.

Community development

To show you the growth rate of this community I provide some statistics here. I only have reliable data starting from january 2011. That's when our community turned into its current form. Ovograms have been shared every year since 2000 with the only possible exception of 2010. Unfortunately I have no reliable records from the earlier years.

Table 1: Confirmed ovograms each year since 2011

year ovograms species senders receivers
2011 5 5 3 2
2012 68 18 9 28
2013 482 90 46 75
2014 1411 216 102 158
2015 1725 232 115 193
2016 1428 207 124 190
2017 1515 249 113 181
2018 452 100 71 118
2019 223 47 32 71
2020 37 13 7 25

Offered ovograms

One way of knowing who would like to get what is to advertise ones expected ovograms. Experienced members can then apply for these ovograms. The following is a list of what species are declared to be ovogrammed within the next few months. However, these are not all the species we expect to get ovogrammed this season as far from all ovograms are preannounced.

Bombyx mori   (Bombycidae) offered until May
Sipyloidea sipylus   (Diapheromeridae) offered until August

Currently available species

Ovograms are (almost) only sent when there are ova. For many species ova are only available a week or two. Therefore the list of available species will change frequently. Currently available ova are...

Phyllocrania paradoxa  reported yesterday
Hyalophora cecropia  reported 4 days ago
Hyalophora kasloensis  reported 7 days ago
Papilio oregonius  reported 7 days ago
Papilio multicaudata  reported 7 days ago
Papilio zelicaon  reported 7 days ago
Bombyx mori  reported 9 days ago
Phyllium philippinicum  reported 10 days ago
Tribolium confusum  reported 10 days ago
Eurycantha calcarata  reported 10 days ago
Porcellio scaber calico  reported 10 days ago
Samia ricini ricini  reported 10 days ago
Oniscus asellus  reported 10 days ago
Porcellio laevis "orange"  reported 10 days ago
Sipyloidea sipylus  reported 10 days ago
Carausius morosus  reported 10 days ago
Extatosoma tiaratum  reported 10 days ago
Diapherodes gigantea  reported 10 days ago
Porcellio laevis "dairy cow"  reported 10 days ago
Graellsia isabellae  reported 14 days ago
Saturnia pavonia  reported 16 days ago
Epiphora ploetzi  reported 16 days ago
Actias rhodopneuma  reported 16 days ago
Cerura vinula  reported 16 days ago
Sungaya inexpectata  reported 19 days ago

Recently shared species

The following lists most shared species within the last year. Even though every species is only listed once, many of them have been shared more than once.

Last shared in May 2019

Amorpha juglandis   (Sphingidae)

Last shared in June 2019

Paonias excaecata   (Sphingidae)
Sphinx ligustri   (Sphingidae)
Rothschildia lebeau inca   (Saturniidae)
Deilephila elpenor   (Sphingidae)
Syssphinx bicolor   (Saturniidae)
Samia cynthia   (Saturniidae)
Macrothylacia rubi   (Lasiocampidae)
Ameles spallanzania   (Mantidae)
Sesia apiformis   (Sesiidae)

Last shared in July 2019

Callosamia promethea   (Saturniidae)
Bombyx mori Zebra   (Bombycidae)
Actias luna   (Saturniidae)
Caligo memnon   (Nymphalidae - Satyrinae)
Morpho peleides   (Nymphalidae - Satyrinae)
Attacus atlas   (Saturniidae)

Last shared in August 2019

Lymantria dispar   (Erebidae - Lymantriinae)
Papilio polyxenes   (Papilionidae)
Eurois occulta   (Noctuidae)
Smerinthus ocellata   (Sphingidae)

Last shared in September 2019

Bacillus rossius   (Bacillidae)
Gastropacha quercifolia   (Lasiocampidae)
Actias ningpoana   (Saturniidae)
Hyles euphorbiae   (Sphingidae)

Last shared in November 2019

Streblote bakeri   (Lasiocampidae)

Last shared in December 2019

Bombyx mori *unspecified*   (Bombycidae)
Samia ricini   (Saturniidae)

Last shared in January 2020

Papilio troilus   (Papilionidae)

Last shared in February 2020

Carausius morosus   (Phasmatidae)

Last shared in April 2020

Saturnia pavonia   (Saturniidae)
Antherina suraka   (Saturniidae)
Diapherodes gigantea   (Phasmatidae)
Porcellio laevis "dairy cow"   (Porcellionidae)

Last shared in May 2020

Antheraea polyphemus   (Saturniidae)
Sipyloidea sipylus   (Diapheromeridae)
Tribolium confusum   (Tenebrionidae)
Bombyx mori   (Bombycidae)
Hyalophora cecropia   (Saturniidae)