I have many species to trade

Do you have animals for sale? I have many exotic species to trade. Look at my price list to se what species I have. Most species are from abroad but I also like to keep a few local species in stock. My caterpillars develop well. I'll give them away for free if anyone would want them. Species are from Africa, Australia, Europe and South America.

How to get live butterflies for breeding for free

These are all the butterflies we give away for free. You don't have to pay anything. Butterflies and moths are easy to breed in large numbers. Most popular are silkmoths and moonmoths having spectacular caterpillars and often develop into huge insects.

Come join our butterfly breeding community

We are a group of breeders who share our broods among eachother. Though we specialize in butterflies and moths we also have beetles, praying mantis, stick insects, cochroaches and big spiders. Pupae are for sale. Eggs are for free as long as you agree to share what species you may have in the future.

How to get exotic insects

You can buy them on ebay or you can get them for free here. See our list of free arthropods for more details.